Edamame 5.95
Edamame +$1.00
Crunchy Calamari 11.25
Fried calamari, jalapeños and served with our house-made laredo sauce.
Tuna Tiradito 19.45
Red tuna marinated with spices, topped with avocado, chopped purple onion, cilantro, serrano pepper and laredo sauce.
Yasal Tempura 6.95
Tempura vegetables served with our house-made yasal sauce.
Empanadas Beef 9.45
3 pc. house-made beef empanadas. *Shrimp and cheese +$1.50
Mago Fish Tostadas 11.85
House-made tostada, breaded fish, red cabbage, mango pico,drizzled with special sauce.
Egg rolls (4pc) 6.95
4 pc. pork and vegetables with spicy sweet and sour sauce.
Tempura Shrimp 11.75
6 pc. tempura shrimp with assorted tempura vegetables served with house-made tempura sauce.
Quesadillas Gobernador 9.65
3 pc. corn tortillas filled with shrimp and monterrey cheese, topped with warm house-made chipotle cream.
Gyosas (6pc) 6.75
Pan fried or steamed pork dumplings.
Poblano 6.75
Poblano pepper cream soup, served with crisp corn tortilla chips and monterrey cheese.
Miso Soup 4.45
Young Japanese soy bean pasta soup with chives, tofu, and wakame.
Grated Cucumber Salad (Mix) 5.75
Grated Cucumber Salad (Crab) 4.25
Grated Cucumber Salad (Squid) 5.25
Grated Cucumber Salad (Shrimp) 4.75
Chicken Avocado 17.00
Fresh spring mix topped with sliced avocado and a 8oz grilled chicken breast drizzled with our house-made laredo dressing.
Red Poke Bowl 23.00
A base of white rice, mango, avocado, white tampico, marinated tuna, drizzled with spicy sauce.
Orange Poke Bowl 18.75
A base of white rice, avocado, tampico, sesame seeds, cucumber, green onion, and marinated salmon.
Crispy Salmon Bowl 16.95

 Avocado & edamame over sesame sushi rice topped with crispy salmon bites, laredo and eel sauce, green onions and sesame seeds.

Nigiri 2pcs $MKT
Options: Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Magur (Red Tuna), Hamachi (Yellow tail tuna), Unagui (Eel), Mazago (Flying fish roe), Tako (Octupus), Sake (Salmon), Tai (Tilapia), Ebi (Shrimp) and Kani-Kama (Crab)
Sashimi 8pcs $MKT
Options: Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Magur (Red Tuna), Hamachi (Yellow tail tuna), Unagui (Eel), Mazago (Flying fish roe), Tako (Octupus), Sake (Salmon), Tai (Tilapia), Ebi (Shrimp) and Kani-Kama (Crab)
Cones 2pcs $MKT
Options: Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Magur (Red Tuna), Hamachi (Yellow tail tuna), Unagui (Eel), Mazago (Flying fish roe), Tako (Octupus), Sake (Salmon), Tai (Tilapia), Ebi (Shrimp) and Kani-Kama (Crab)
Madre Special 11.25
Mixed vegetables, shrimp, beef, and chicken.
Jishin Rice 16.25
Shrimp, beef, and chicken fried rice topped with cream cheese, sliced avocado and furikake.
Mixed Fried Rice 10.50
Fresh shrimp, beef and chicken.
Shrimp 9.20 I Beef 8.85 I Chicken 8.50 I Vegetables 6.00 I Fried Rice Plain 5.30 I Steamed Rice 4.50
*Steamed option available.
Shrimp rice 9.20
Beef rice 8.85
Chicken rice 8.50
Vegetables rice 6.00
Fried rice plain 5.30
Steamed rice 4.50
Chipotle Chicken 14.50
Grilled chicken breast drizzled w/ chipotle cream rested on a bed of fried rice and served with mixed vegetables.
Garlic Herb Tilapia 13.85
Grilled tilapia topped with garlic and parsly served on a bed of steamed vegetables rice.
Salmon Avocado 22.25
Grilled salmon topped with thin sliced avocado with a side of asparagus and steamed onion rice.
Cilantro Salmon 20.00

Grilled salmon rested on a bed of fried rice with a side of mixed vegetables and cilantro cream.

Chicken Avocado 15.95
Grilled chicken breast topped w/ sliced avocado accompanied by steamed rice and mix vegetables.
Mixed Yakisoba 18.00
Shrimp, beef, and chicken served w/ mixed vegetables and noodles.
Shrimp 16.25 I Beef 13.95 I Chicken 12.25 I Vegetables 10.99
Mixed Teppanyaki 20.95
Grilled chicken, rib eye, shrimp and mixed vegetables served with steamed rice.
Salmon (8oz) 18.00 I Rib Eye (8oz) 26.35 Chicken (8oz) 12.00 I Shrimp (10 grilled) 15.25 I Vegetables (mixed) 9.99
Spicy Green Bean Mixto 25.00
Grilled shrimp, chicken, and rib-eye rested on green beans coated w/ oyster and soy sauce, spiced with chile de arbol served with steamed rice.
Chicken 16.25 I Salmon 22.25 I Rib-eye 28.00
Benavides 14.95
Tampico mix, cilantro, avocado, cebollin, breaded shrimp, topped with flamed salmon and drizzled w/ laredo sauce.
Laredo 10.95
Breaded shrimp, tampico, cream cheese, topped with avocado and drizzled in laredo sauce.
Carnivoro 15.50
Grilled Rib eye, bacon, grilled chicken, shrimp, and cream cheese topped with guacamole.
Ahumada 11.95
Fresh lettuce, cilantro, serrano peppers, avocado, salmon, tampico mix and wrapped in crab.
California 7.95
Crab, grated cucumber, avocado, tampico mix and sesame seeds.
Jeans 9.95
Tampico mix, avocado, cream cheese, wrapped in crab.
Manuel 13.75
Fresh shrimp, tampico mix, cream cheese, avocado, topped with salmon, tuna and crab.
Abiel's 10.45
Breaded crab, flamed hamachi, cream cheese , ripe avocado, topped with flaming hot cheetos.
Avocado 12.95
Tampico mix, crab, cream cheese, topped with sliced avocado, chives, and mashed fried Tilapia.
Lizzy 10.45
Fresh shrimp, salmon, tampico mix, avocado, cream cheese and wrapped in crab.
Shiromi 10.45
Tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, topped with tampico mix and drizzled with chipotle sauce.
Hector 15.55
Salmon, tuna, cream cheese, avocado, topped with tampico mix and mazago.
Philly 9.95
Salmon, cream cheese and sesame seeds.
Sakanamaki 17.75
Salmon, eel, red snapper, hamachi, avocado, fresh grated cucumber, serrano peppers and chives, topped with tuna, salmon, and red snapper.
Tano 14.95
Grilled rib eye, bacon, serrano peppers, grilled chicken cream cheese and shrimp topped with guacamole.
Alvarez 14.45
Salmon, fresh shrimp, tampico mix, wrapped in sesame soy paper and topped with sliced avocado, tuna and salmon.
Orange 12.45
Crab, avocado, tampico mix, mazago and topped with cream cheese and salmon.
Madre 13.45
Tempura shrimp, eel, cream cheese, tampico mix, salmon and avocado.
Osaka 11.45
Crab, avocado, cream cheese, wrapped with crab, and served with tampico.
La Loca 12.45
Tampico, cream cheese, avocado, monterrey cheese, zucchini, fresh carrot, wrapped in chicken.
Villarreal 2.0 12.95
Fried rice, breaded shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese served with a side of tampico.
Monterrey 11.45
Avocado, cream cheese, topped with a slice of chicken.
Hulk 13.45
Grilled chicken and shrimp, bacon, and seared onions, cream cheese topped with guacamole.
Laredo Chicken 11.95

Grilled chicken, breaded shrimp, lettuce, tampico mix, avocado, cream cheese, drizzled in laredo sauce.

Chipotle 10.85
Crab, cream cheese, chipotle sauce, avocado and served with tampico mix.
Chicken & Shrimp 11.45
Chicken, breaded shrimp, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, topped with laredo cream and eel sauce.
Oyako 10.75
Crab, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, with tampico mix.
California Tempura 9.75
Tampico, crab, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds.
Cigarroa 11.45
Crab, cream cheese, chipotle sauce and topped with sliced avocado and tampico mix.
Kandai 12.15
Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, serrano peppers, drizzled in laredo sauce and served with tampico mix.
Villarreal 11.45
Fried rice, tempura shrimp, avocado and cream cheese.